About Us


Why ElectSolar?

We are ElectSolar, we are the bridge that joins Electrical power and Solar/Backup power under one roof. We pride ourselves in quality workmanship, supply, and service. All of our services are state of the art. We are at your service to give you value for your money; we assure you excellent service. We are the answer to all your Backup, Electrical and Solar needs.

We ensure the following:

T – Trust

Q – Quality

T – Time

V – Value

S – Service

And we do it better than anyone!!!

Full Service and Quality

ElectSolar is a company that is powered by nature and has expertise in the following categories Backup | Electrical | Solar

We pride ourselves in ensuring that we provide you with quality work. Through our services, we have different offerings to suit everyone’s needs.

Backup Systems

  • Systems (all sizes)
  • Domestic
  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Supply, Installation and Maintenance

Solar Systems

  • Grid Tied
  • Off Grid
  • Hybrid
  • System design
  • Supply, Installation and Maintenance


31 Roan street,

Dewald Hattingh Park


060 585 3700