Tim Gumede

Passion, Dedication and Client Satisfaction is the drive for me.

Making sure that your money’s worth is taken into consideration.

I have experience in the Electrical, Backup and Solar industry for 5 years + and I always make sure that my team and myself deliver top quality work.

I believe and work with these 5 principles

Trust: Ensuring that you as our client can trust us in giving you the best with regards to our workmanship

Quality: Ensuring the best quality in the equipment, work, and service

Time: Ensuring saving you time and money (getting the right people for the job and saving you the hassle of running around)

Value: Ensuring that we add value to you and yours, make sure you get the best in work done and quality overall

Service: Ensuring you are always happy and up to date with everything, making sure that you are a happy client 24/7 365 day


31 Roan Street,

Dewald Hattingh Park


060 585 3700